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Family Constellation Therapy: Know Everything

In the realm of holistic and alternative therapies, Family Constellation Therapy stands out as a profound and transformative approach to healing deep-seated emotional wounds and generational patterns. Rooted in the belief that unresolved issues and traumas within a family system can manifest in the lives of its members, this therapy offers a unique perspective on understanding and resolving such challenges. In this blog, we’ll delve into the essence of Family Constellation Therapy, its principles, and the potential benefits it holds.

What is Family Constellation Therapy?

Family constellation therapy, also known as systemic constellation work, was developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger in the 1990s. It is based on the idea that many issues are unconsciously “inherited” from previous generations through family loyalty bonds.

The therapy works to reveal these unconscious bonds and family dynamics through constellations – symbolic representations of a person’s family system. By observing the constellation, underlying ancestral issues come to light, allowing them to be acknowledged and healed.

How Does Family Constellation Therapy Work?

In a typical family constellation therapy session, the client chooses representative “stand-ins” from a group of participants to play the roles of their family members – parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. The client then places the representatives spatially in relationship to each other. This creates a living snapshot of the family system, revealing hidden dynamics through the unconscious responses and body language of the representatives. 

The therapist observes the constellation to sense where past traumas, exclusions, secrets, or loyalty issues may lie. Through gentle questioning and facilitation, the original traumas can be acknowledged, allowing the ancestral system to find resolution and wholeness. The client comes away with greater self-understanding and freedom from systemic ancestral burdens.

Family Constellation Therapy is a unique and experiential approach to healing that delves into the intricate dynamics of family systems. Rooted in the belief that unresolved issues and ancestral patterns can impact an individual’s well-being, this therapy aims to bring hidden dynamics to light, facilitate healing, and restore balance within the family constellation. Let’s explore how Family Constellation Therapy works and the key elements involved in its process.

Unraveling the Concept

Family Constellation Therapy, also known as Systemic Constellation Work, was pioneered by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist. The therapy is based on the premise that families are interconnected systems where emotional experiences, traumas, and unresolved conflicts can be carried across generations, impacting the well-being of individuals within the family.

Core Principles

  • Orders of Love: Family Constellation Therapy is rooted in the concept of “Orders of Love.” These orders establish the natural balance and harmony within a family. When these orders are disrupted due to unresolved issues, such as hidden conflicts or unacknowledged traumas, it can lead to imbalances in the family system.
  • Entanglements: Family entanglements occur when individuals unconsciously take on the feelings, burdens, or roles of family members who have experienced pain or exclusion. This entanglement can create emotional and psychological challenges in one’s life.
  • Systemic Representation: During a Family Constellation session, participants or representatives are chosen to represent family members, even if they have no prior knowledge of the family’s dynamics. Through these representations, hidden dynamics and emotions can come to light, revealing the underlying sources of issues.

The Therapeutic Process

Family Constellation Therapy typically takes place in a group setting, facilitated by a trained therapist. Here’s an overview of how a session unfolds:

Issue Identification: The participant presents a specific issue or challenge they are facing, which may be related to relationships, health, career, or other areas of life.

Representation: The facilitator selects participants from the group to represent family members relevant to the issue. These representatives stand in the constellation as placeholders for the actual family members.

Observation: As representatives stand in their designated positions, the facilitator observes the dynamics, emotions, and interactions that emerge. Participants often report feeling the emotions and physical sensations of the family members they are representing.

Reconfiguration and Healing: Through gentle interventions and guided movements, the facilitator works to reconfigure the constellation, acknowledging hidden dynamics and facilitating resolution. This can lead to a shift in perspective, emotional release, and healing insights.

Acknowledgment and Integration: Family Constellation Therapy emphasizes acknowledging and honoring the experiences of family members, including those who have been marginalized or excluded. This acknowledgment can bring about a sense of resolution and closure.

What Issues Can It Help Resolve?

Family constellation therapy can help resolve a wide range of personal issues that often have roots in ancestral dynamics, such as:

  • Adoption/abandonment issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Phobias and irrational fears
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Physical illness
  • Alcoholism/addiction
  • Lack of life direction or struggle with purpose

By revealing intergenerational family dynamics, it’s possible to see how loyalty to past traumas may unconsciously block success, happiness, or connection in the present. Healing these dynamics restores systemic balance.

Benefits and Insights

Family Constellation Therapy is known to offer a range of benefits:

  • Healing Generational Patterns: By addressing unresolved issues within the family system, individuals can break free from repeating patterns and behaviors that have been passed down through generations.
  • Emotional Release: Participants often experience profound emotional release as they confront suppressed emotions and gain insights into the root causes of their challenges.
  • Restored Balance: The therapy aims to restore the natural balance within the family system, fostering harmony and a sense of belonging.
  • Personal Growth: Family Constellation Therapy can lead to increased self-awareness, improved relationships, and personal growth by shedding light on the interplay between one’s personal experiences and their family history.
  • Resolving Conflicts: Unresolved conflicts and tensions within families can find resolution through the process of systemic representation and reconfiguration.

How to Practise Family Constellation Therapy?

Family constellation therapy is a powerful form of psychotherapy that resolves systemic family issues by revealing unconscious dynamics and ancestral burdens. If you feel called to facilitate constellation work, here is a step-by-step guide to practising this transformative healing modality:

Complete Extensive Training

Proper training is essential for facilitating constellation work. Seek in-depth instruction from accredited institutes and certified teachers. Be prepared to devote significant time to learn the principles, techniques, and subtle energetic skills required. Ongoing mentoring and supervision is also recommended.

Create a Safe, Sacred Space

Set up a calm, comfortable therapy space with minimal distractions. The energy should feel inclusive, open, and sacred. Explain the process to clients and facilitators. Outline confidentiality, participation guidelines, and the ritual nature of the work. This sets the tone and container for deep healing.

Choose Representatives with Care

As the client chooses representatives, gently guide them toward people who feel energetically resonant. The representatives mirror important systemic dynamics, so their selection is significant. Balance opposite gender representatives and ensure diversity.

Facilitate Initial Constellation Set-up

Once representatives are selected, have the client place them spatially in relationship to each other as they feel is correct energetically. Observe this initial constellation closely, sensing areas of hidden tension, exclusion, or imbalance.

Gently Facilitate Constellation Movements

Through subtle gestures and minimal verbal prompts, gently guide representatives to move in ways that relieve tensions in the constellation. Work slowly to respect the representatives’ own intuition and unfolding healing process.

Illuminate Family Dynamics and Themes

As the constellation evolves, point out significant family dynamics, ancestral burdens, and systemic themes that are coming to light. Reflect these insights compassionately to the client.

Provide Opportunities for Acknowledgment and Resolution

Where past traumas or injustices are revealed, create opportunities for acknowledgment, expression, understanding, and resolution among family members. This brings full healing to the ancestral lineage.

Close the Process Consciously

After the constellation reaches resolution, have each representative reconnect to their own body and energy. Thank them sincerely for their participation. Ensure the client feels grounded, settled, and complete before closing the session.

With proper training and a reverential healing approach, you can facilitate profound transformations through family constellation work. Be patient with yourself as you develop the subtle sensing skills and wisdom this sacred practice requires.


It’s important to note that while Family Constellation Therapy has been reported to bring about transformative healing experiences, it may not be suitable for everyone. Sessions can evoke intense emotions, and participants should approach them with an open mind and a willingness to engage in a potentially profound process of self-discovery and healing.

Give Family Constellation Therapy a Try

If you feel stuck in long-standing personal issues or family dynamics that hold you back, consider giving family constellation therapy a try. It can help reveal and resolve unconscious ancestral burdens, freeing you to live a happier, healthier life. Look for certified practitioners in your area to experience the transformative power of constellation work.

Closing Thoughts

Family Constellation Therapy offers a transformative approach to healing by recognizing the intricate interconnections within family systems. By acknowledging the impact of generational dynamics and offering a safe space for emotional release, this therapy paves the way for personal growth, resolution of challenges, and the restoration of harmony within individuals and their families. As with any therapeutic approach, individual experiences may vary, but the potential for profound healing and insight is undeniably present in the realm of Family Constellation Therapy.

Family Constellation Therapy offers a unique approach to healing by addressing the interconnectedness of family systems and the impact of unresolved issues across generations. Through the use of representatives, interventions, and reconfigurations, this therapy sheds light on hidden dynamics and provides a path toward emotional release, understanding, and restoration of harmony.

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