Lama Fera Course

Learn about Lama Fera’s practices, methods, techniques, tools, and unique combination of spiritual wisdom and therapeutic benefits. This comprehensive Lama Fera Course is the gateway to a profound journey of healing and spiritual transformation. During the course, crack the secrets of Lama Fera and empower to heal, grow, and embark on a path of enlightenment. No experience is required!

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What You Will Learn?

This course includes:

  • 15 modules with video lessons
  • 50 – 60 Live Zoom Classes
  • Downloadable handouts and resources in PDF
  • Video recordings
  • Quizzes and exercises to track progress
  • Private online community and discussion forums
  • Weekly live Q&A
  • Lifetime Access
  • Certification of completion

Course Content

BASIC: Beginner Level

Module 1: Introduction to Lama Fera
  • Introduction to Lama Fera
  • History and Lineage of Lama Fera
  • The Emergence of Buddha
Module 2: Understanding the Wheel of Life
  • The Wheel of Life
  • How it Affects You
  • Techniques to Scan Problems
Module 3: Energies, Aura, and Chakras
  • Understanding Energies
  • Exploring the Human Aura
  • Learning about Chakras
Module 4: Parameters for Practitioners
  • Parameters for Students
  • Parameters for Healers
  • Parameters for Teachers
  • Kit Details and Material Information
  • How to Use Lama Fera Tools
Module 5: Lama Fera Healer Level Symbols
  • Introduction to Lama Fera Healer Level Symbols (6 Symbols)
Module 6: General Healing Techniques
  • How to Perform Healing on Oneself
  • How to Perform Healing on Others
Module 7: Level 1 - First Attunement
  • Booking Your Attunement Time and Date

ADVANCE: Master/Teacher Level

Module 8: Using Crystals in Healing
  • How to Incorporate Crystals into Healing
Module 9: Lama Fera Master Level Symbols
  • Introduction to Lama Fera Master Level Symbols (3 Symbols)
Module 10: Second Attunement
  • Booking Your Second Attunement Time and Date
Module 11: Lama Fera Teacher Level Symbols
  • Introduction to Lama Fera Teacher Level Symbols (3 Symbols)
Module 12: Third Attunement
  • Booking Your Third Attunement Time and Date
Module 13: Live Practice Session
  • All sessions are provided via Zoom meetings one-on-one live interaction with the instructor and other students.
Module 14: Removal of Black Magic and Negativity
  • How to Remove Black Magic and Negativity from Oneself, House, or Factory
Module 15: Practice and Q&A
  • This organization provides a structured approach to the training program, starting with foundational knowledge and progressing to advanced techniques and attunements. It allows for a clear and logical progression in learning Lama Fera.

Module 16: Certification of Completion
  • Overview of the
  • Certification Process
  • Evaluation Criteria for Certification
  • Submission of Required
  • Assignments/Projects
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Issuance of Lama Fera
  • Completion Certificate

Course Logistics And Benefits

  • Duration of the Course: 2 Months
  • Flexible Payment Options: Fees can be paid in monthly installments. Please get in touch with the Academy for details.
  • Access: Lifetime Access to Recordings and Course Notes.
  • One-Time Free Repeat of the Course: Learners can repeat the course on time at no extra cost. This benefit provides the flexibility and accessibility to better understand the course.
  • Tools: Lama fera healing tools, software, and kits will be provided.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria?

  • The Lama Fera meditation course is open to anyone looking to learn this powerful practice. No prior experience with meditation or Buddhism is required.
  • No formal graduation, post-graduation or similar degree is required.
  • This course is suitable for beginners as well as more advanced practitioners.
  • The online format makes this course accessible to anyone around the world with an internet connection. All you need is an open mind and a sincere wish to learn.
  • Students of all religious backgrounds are welcome. Lama Fera can enrich any spiritual path or practice. The techniques are compatible with any faith tradition. 

What Are The Requirements For This Course?

  • Internet Connection: A good internet connection is required to access the online course materials, participate in live Zoom sessions, and interact with instructors and fellow students.
  • Computer or Device: A computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone are required devices to access the course properly.
  • Language: English and Hindi preferred.
  • Technical Ability: Basic computer skills, like using email, navigating websites, and participating in Zoom meetings, will be helpful.
  • Willingness to Learn: An enthusiasm to learn, ask questions, and engage with educators and fellow students is a valuable requirement for any course.

About Lama Fera

Lama Fera is a powerful healing practice that has roots in Tibetan Buddhism. It has been passed down for centuries thus the technique has retained its authenticity and potency for a long time. The term “Lama” means “monk” or “spiritual teacher,” and the word “Fera” means “round” or “circumambulation.” Combining these words represents the circular energy flow used in this healing technique.

Moreover, diseases of the body, mind, and spirit are treated in the Lama Fera process, channeling healing energy from the hands and other symbols. Practitioners of the lama fera technique believe that healing the person also purifies the environment and balances energies. Besides, this ancient technique effectively minimizes stress, anxiety, and chronic ailments and encourages inner tranquillity and self-discovery.

Importance of Lama Fera Course For Your Spiritual Career Journey

Lama Fera course is a course that teaches about spiritual wisdom, meditation practices, chakras, auras, energies, and level symbols. Lama Fera kit treats people spiritually, emotionally, and psychically with the help of ancient methodologies and practices.

The Lama Fera course is a distinctive and spiritually enlightening course due to its holistic approach to the healing and personal development of people. However, it has grown in popularity in recent years and is a widely chosen course among several courses. There are many advantages of enrolling in our Lama Fera healing course which are as follows:

Ancient wisdom

Lama Fera uses old age knowledge and traditions of Tibetan Buddhism that have been transferred down throughout the generations. These teachings have been kept alive for many years. Therefore, it provides profound insights into the nature of spirituality and healing.

Energy balancing 

The fundamental idea of the Lama Fera Healing is to balance energy. It is based on the idea that emotional and physical problems occur due to imbalances in our energy field. Besides, people can correct these imbalances and improve their general health and well-being through learning the Lama Fera technique.

Healing capabilities

Lama Fera practitioners possess a potent healing power within them. This approach gives the ability to direct healing energy toward themselves and others thus they can easily assist people in reducing chronic illnesses, physical pain, and even mental suffering. Additionally, It can increase the body’s innate healing abilities and works far better than modern treatments.

Stress management 

Stress is becoming a major problem in today’s generation. Using lama fera practices will help people to feel less stressed and anxious as well as encourage relaxation and serenity. This can increase emotional fortitude and mental clarity in the minds of people.

Spiritual development 

In addition to physical recovery, Lama Fera promotes both spiritual development and self-discovery. Accordingly, people frequently feel more connected to their inner selves and have a clearer understanding of their purpose in life with the help of consistent practice.

Chakra balancing 

Chakra balancing is a major focus of the Lama Fera course from beginner to advanced level. The energy centres or chakras of the body can improve both physical and mental wellness when they are in harmony. Hence, this is very crucial for people who want to work in holistic health.


Acquiring knowledge of Lama Fera enables people to take charge of their own well-being. It gives the resources to people that they need to maintain and improve their body and mental well-being. 

Helping others 

Many people enrol in the Lama Fera course to assist others with their problems. It can be highly gratifying and has a great impact on the healing of friends, family, or clients.

Cultural appreciation 

Enrolling in our Lama Fera Course Online will enable people to comprehend and appreciate the rich spiritual and cultural legacy of Tibetans because it supports cultural variety and builds respect for other cultures.

Potential for life transformation 

Lama Fera has the power to change the lives of people to a great extent. Furthermore, It can result in a stronger sense of self-worth, better health, and a closer relationship with our own inner self. Relationships and careers are just two areas of life where this transition may have a higher impact.

Guruji Gyaan's Lama Fera Mastery Course: A Path to Holistic Wellness

The Occult Science Academia offers the best lama fera course in India that has the most experienced educators, vast modules, beginner to advanced level curriculum, and trusted resources. The team assists people in all facets of life so that people can access their inner wisdom and realize their potential as spiritual beings. Moreover, highly effective Lama Fera coaching provides a deep understanding of the practice. 

Our Lama Fera course gives an opportunity to all learners to gain spiritual development, personal growth, and healing. It gives power to the people to improve their own health and simultaneously provides them with the knowledge and abilities to help others. However, Lama Fera can be a life-changing course if you do it with your whole dedication. Join our course today and if you have any doubts get free career counselling from an industry expert.

Key Features of Our Best Lama Fera Course

The comprehensive Lama Fera Program that aims to introduce learners to the practice of Lama Fera healing course. All levels of spiritual learners can benefit from this course. Our course has many features which include:

  • Deep understanding: Students will get a thorough understanding of Lama Fera techniques, such as their background, guiding principles, and sacred symbols that are being used in the practice. 
  • Practical training: Our course provides practice with sacred Lama Fera symbols, performing rituals, and channelling healing energy. Obviously, participants will get complete knowledge of how to lead healing sessions for themselves as well as others.
  • Spiritual development: The Academy’s Lama Fera course promotes spiritual development and it facilitates inner connections in people that will eventually improve clarity, intuition, and inner peace.
  • Skilled teachers: The teachers are expert professionals who lead students with compassion and insight. They provide individualized support and mentoring throughout the course.
  • Certification: Students who successfully complete the course will be awarded a trusted and authorized certificate.

Lama Fera Course Mastery With Our Signature Training

The objective is to assist people in realizing their full potential and living lives infused with spiritual understanding. A group of devoted and knowledgeable spiritual mentors established it to help people in healing their bodies mentally and physically. It has a reputation in the field of spiritual education and healing, moreover, the centre is dedicated to honesty, integrity, and excellence. We are a well-known occult science institution for its life-changing programs and expert teachers. And, a supportive environment that fosters the spiritual development of the learners and practitioners. Henceforth, our Lama Fera course is a potent instrument for self-healing and spiritual development among our many advanced courses.

Why Choose Guruji Gyan Occult Science Academia?

Following are the reasons that will help you to choose us for learning the lama fera technique:

  • Reputation and expertise: We are a dependable occult science academia that is known for its knowledge and dedication to the development of its students.
  • Comprehensive curriculum: Our courses are designed to give a comprehensive understanding of the practice to students. Significantly, we ensure that learners can understand the solid comprehension of the course with our smartly developed curriculum.
  • Personalized guidance: The teachers at our centre are aware of the individuality of the spiritual path of every individual. They provide individualized coaching to make sure that participants get the complete help they need to succeed in their careers.
  • Spiritual community: We create an environment where people can interact, exchange experiences, and develop alongside one another.
  • Accessibility: The Occult Science Academy is a convenient option for those looking to improve spiritually because it is available to people.
Lama Fera Course Online

Heal, Learn, And Grow: Enroll in Our Best Lama Fera Program

We provide a life-changing path of self-discovery and healing to people and therefore we are a leading lama fera course provider in India. People can reach their full spiritual potential, heal both themselves and others, and start a path of inner understanding through practising Lama Fera. Furthermore, we are the top choice if you are looking for the best online astrology course that has a combination of history, knowledge, and personal development. 

Our Lama Fera course online is a chance to learn deep spirituality to help people in every aspect of their lives. Nonetheless, it is a path to healing and self-realization that can result in a more harmonious, content, and enlightened life of people. Hence, enroll in our Lama Fera course to begin your spiritual journey that will completely transform your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Lama Fera?

Lama Fera is the ancient Tibetan Buddhist practice for emotional, spiritual, and energy healing. It is made of two words “monk” and “the technique.” Chants, symbols, and meditation methods are used during healing sessions that facilitate the flow of energy.

How to practice Lama Fera?

It is practiced through physical and emotional healing by balancing the chakras, understanding the emotions, removing the negativity, and healing the mind as well body.

Is Lama Fera Healing Effective?

Yes, it is effective and people are changing their lives through this ancient methodology. The healing technique helps in stress reduction, pain relief, and emotional release.

Why learn the Lama Fera?

Nowadays, this healing technique is getting popular as people get benefits and experience effective results in their lives. Hence, it has good career opportunities as well as good practice for self-care.

What is the eligibility for the lama fera course?

There is no meditation or Buddhist experience, and no degree is required to do this course. Anyone who is self-motivated and wants a good career in the spiritual healing field can do this lama fera course.

What is the duration period of the course?

2 months is the duration of the course. You can earn a certificate after successfully completing the course.

How to enroll on the course?

Fill out the admission form for enquiry and our expert will connect with you. Also, you can visit the contact page or call directly for the full course details.

What Our Students Say About The Course?

Very good
Gulshan Arora
Gulshan Arora
The teacher explained the concepts really well with numerous examples. I am very thankful.
mithlesh mithlesh
mithlesh mithlesh
I am liking this course. Everything content, way of teaching, explaining I am at right place with right people connected from soul level.
vani sree regula
vani sree regula
Thank you so much Gurujee Gyan team. Kam fee meh achhe achhe courses sikatheh hai. Life change honekeliye ekhi plotform. Iam soo luky. Feeling very happy
Shilpa Khare
Shilpa Khare
Feel blessed to be a part of this family.....getting to learn so much by extremely capable experts in their own fields....very interactive,simple language but very impactful thorough knowledge to all participants,,
Superb Sessions. Thank you so much for this Knowledgeable Journey🥰😇
Tanminder Surme
Tanminder Surme
Great experience Having complete knowledge in occult field Teaching With lots of patience and calmly Perfect Mentor The real GURU Entering into the academy will change your life positively
Tanishka Singh
Tanishka Singh
Nice, Academy astrological knowledge.
Lama Fera Course

Learn about Lama Fera’s practices, methods, techniques, tools, and unique combination of spiritual wisdom and therapeutic benefits. This comprehensive Lama Fera Course is the gateway to a profound journey of healing and spiritual transformation.

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