Akashic Records Course

Begin a journey of self-discovery and uncover the true potential of life with our Akashic Records Course. Dive into the profound wisdom of the Akashic Records, a divine collective library of knowledge of past, present, and future. Learn to access and interpret these records, uncovering insights into your soul’s journey, soul healing, spiritual healing, past lives, and karmic patterns. Become a certified Akashic Records reader/consultant/life coach or practice for personal growth physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially.

Mode of Study – Live Online Classes
Medium of Instruction –  Hindi and English
Award – Certification of completion
Fees – Affordable than others

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About Akashic Records Course

Akashic records are the vast energetic library containing information about everything that has ever happened, is happening, and will happen. Akashic records course is a course that teaches how to access these records and how to use the knowledge of these Akashic libraries for self-discovery, personal growth, life purpose, and past life healing. Participants learn to access and interpret these records, gaining insights into their soul’s journey, past lives, and karmic patterns. The course covers various techniques for accessing the records, such as meditation, visualization, and sacred rituals. This Akashic records course helps you discover your inner wisdom, connect with your life’s purpose, and find true happiness.

What You Will Learn in This Course?

You will learn from beginner to advanced level Akashic records courses with a complete program that includes fundamentals, access methods, advanced levels, remedies, etc. Following are the details mentioned on what you will learn about Akashic records:

  • Explore the origins of the Akashic Records.
  • Discover who can access them.
  • Explore their benefits.
  • Learn effective questioning techniques.
  • Connect with your Higher Self.
  • Master searching and navigating.
  • Dive into tuning into your records.
  • Harness healing symbols and golden light.
  • Gain insights into relationships, finances, and career.
  • Access ancestral records and connect with your soul group.
  • Release inherited patterns and limiting beliefs.
  • Embrace visualization and sacred mantras.
  • Learn corporate healing practices.
  • Explore inner child and womb healing.
  • Dive into past life healings.
  • Reveal and erase fears, blockages, and patterns.
  • Connect with your Guru for guidance.
  • Resolve money, relationship, and legal issues.
  • Attune to high vibrations for spiritual growth.
  • Learn to use Archangel Michael’s sword.
  • Release black energy and curses.
  • Harness the power of the Maha Mrityunjay Mantra.
  • Learn to heal your soul and create abundance.
  • Master powerful visualization techniques.
  • Heal difficult ancestral bonds and karmic responsibilities.
  • Learn cluster healing for comprehensive healing.
  • Dive into corporate and business healing practices and so on.

We Offer Different Types of Akashic Records Courses

GuruJee Gyan offers different types of courses as per student requirements and interest in learning. Hence, explore the best course on Akashic Records customized to suit every seeker’s journey. These are the types of Akashic Record Courses:

  1. Beginner level
  2. Advanced level
  3. Akashic all healing methods and remedies
  4. GuruJee Gyan’s Sampoorn Akashic Record Course

You can choose as per your interest and requirements. All courses have different durations of time, fees, and eligibility criteria. Therefore, it is mandatory to contact us for a consultation before enrolling in any course.

Course Details And Benefits

  • Mode of Study: Live online classes with experienced educator.
  • Duration of the Course: 2 Months or depends on type of course.
  • Payment Options: Flexible payment plans are available. Also, fees can be paid in monthly installments. 
  • Access: Lifetime Access to Recordings and Course Notes.
  • One-Time Free Repeat of the Course: Learners can repeat the course on time at no extra cost.
  • Tools: Access to Akashic records, valuable PDFs, books, notes, etc. will be provided.
  • Language: Course is available in both Hindi and English language and format. 
  • Certificate: This is Akashic records course with certificate. Become a certified consultant, reader, master, teacher, life coach, and practitioner.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria for the Akashic Records Course?

There is no prior qualification or experience required to pursue the Akashic record course. The thing is that only you need interest and dedication to learning. Whether you do not qualify, a 10th pass, 12th pass, or graduate, you can enroll in the course and become a certified Akashic records reader.

What Career Options Are Available After Completing This Course?

Completing an Akashic Records course can equip you with a valuable skillset and a deeper understanding of soul healing, life pathfinding, and removing all the negative things from past lives. You can become a certified Akashic Records reader, consultant, self-healer, and soul path guide. Moreover, became an Akashic Healing Facilitator and Intuitive Life Coach (with Akashic Records specialty). Furthermore, you can earn money through a job under any recognized company, consultancy, life coaching, and teaching after gaining good experienced.

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