GuruJee Gyan Occult Science Academy is the perfect place if you want to learn astrology. Learn all types of astrology such as vedic, Bhrigu Nandi, Jaimini, and Nadi. Moreover, understands to write popular astrological forecasts, Natal charts, Rashi’s, Nakshatra’s, Doshes and their remedies. Hence, we provide the most trusted, qualified, and Best Astrology Course in Delhi from beginner to advanced level with certification.

Our course offers reliable astrology education to all interesting individuals who want to make a career in astrology. Comparatively, there are many benefits to choosing our astrology course:

  • Online Mode Available 
  • Offline Classes Available
  • One-to-one Teaching
  • Experienced Educators
  • Lifetime Community and Support
  • Course Study Materials
  • Minimum Course Fee in Industry
  • Certification and Accreditation
Astrology Course in Delhi

What You Will Learn?

Course Logistics And Benefits

  • Duration of the Course: 2 Months
  • Flexible Payment Options: Fees can be paid in monthly installments. Please get in touch with the Academy for details.
  • Access: Lifetime Access to Recordings and Course Notes.
  • One-Time Free Repeat of the Course: Learners can repeat the course on time at no extra cost. This benefit provides the flexibility and accessibility to better understand the course.
  • Tools: Astrology tools, software, and kits will be provided.

Best Astrology Course in Delhi: Beginners To Advance Level

We offer a comprehensive astrology course in Delhi, providing a pathway to explore the mysterious world of occult metaphysical science and astrology. You can start a path of self-discovery, and personal development, and have the chance to assist others in overcoming obstacles in life through participating in our courses.

Our extensive curriculum and skilled professors ensure that you obtain the most comprehensive education in the profession, regardless if you are new to the field or an experienced astrologer. Hence, choose the Best Astrology Courses in Delhi and learn the mysteries of the stars and enlighten the destiny of your life. Moreover, you will receive the certification after the completion of the course.

We assure you of effective knowledge of astrology if you enrol yourself in our Delhi astrology course. It has been honoured and used in every culture for thousands of years. It is becoming a more and more chosen way of dealing with problems nowadays as people look for the best solutions to existential concerns.

Astrology is commonly known as the science of the stars and it has been playing an important role in the life of individuals and human civilizations for many years. This practical and interesting field uses the positioning of the stars at the birth of a particular person to infer information about their personality, fate, and life events. 

Thus, astrology helps in investigating the cosmic forces that shape our world so that people can easily come out of their life stresses easily.

Astrology Course Content

  • Brief Intro on Astrology.
  • Fundamentals of Astrology.
  • Rashi Gun’s and Nature of Rashi’s.
  • Types of Charts.
  • Types of Karma’s.
  • Learn What the Rising Sign, Moon Sign, And Sun Sign is.
  • Significance of Houses (Bhav), Planets, Rashi’s, Nakshatra’s.
  • Compound Friendship of Planets.
  • Planet When Exalted, Debilitated.
  • Combustion and Retrogression of the Planet.
  • Vimshottari Dasha Cycle & Transit.
  • Important Yogs.
  • Shadbala or Six-fold Strength.
  • Match Making, Marriage, Business, Job, Finance, Court Cases, Disease, troubles in life.
  • Good in Chart & Correction in Chart to Address on Priority.
  • Basic Steps to Analyze a Horoscope.
  • Aspects (Vedic & Nadi) and Conjunction.
  • 4 types of Trine connection.
  • Introduction to Divisional Charts.
  • Use of software.
  • Study on Rahu & Ketu & Shani.

Occult Science Academia: Astrology Courses in Delhi for Cosmic Enthusiasts

Understanding the significance of astrology is crucial before joining our astrology course in Delhi, India. Astrology is an aid for discovering oneself and personal development, not merely for forecasting the future. Furthermore, astrology can shed important light on your character, weaknesses, and life path by studying the celestial body positions at the moment when you gave birth. 

It can assist you in making wise choices, realizing your life’s purpose, and successfully overcoming obstacles. Hence, if you are looking for a reliable and Professional Astrology Course in Delhi, you can choose us without any doubt. 

We will give you the best knowledge about astrology, vedic shastra, and Vastu shastra that will begin the cosmic career. Although, astrology is not a pseudo-science but a complex study having roots in ancient knowledge. 

Why Choose Our Astrology Course in Delhi?

We are a renowned astrology training provider who is committed to disseminating accurate astrological knowledge. Our astrological course centre is renowned in the astrology world for its authenticity and reputation. However, these programs are commended for their excellence and dependability. The centre is a renowned place for getting astrology courses as well as astrology courses in Delhi because of its staff of knowledgeable and licensed astrologers. Therefore, here are some reasons why choose our astrology course:

Highly Qualified Faculty

Team of very skilled and knowledgeable astrologers who are dedicated to passing on their knowledge. Their knowledge guarantees that students learn relevant information in-depth when they choose our Best Astrology Course in Delhi.

Detailed Courses

We offer a variety of programs in our astrology course in Delhi that are appropriate for learners of all skill levels, from novices to seasoned professionals. Their course of study includes everything from fundamental astrology to cutting-edge forecasting methods.

Realistic Learning

The courses at the centre are intended to be hands-on and practical. Students gain knowledge on how to design birth charts, analyze them, and confidently make astrological forecasts.

Individualized Guidance

The Center supports providing each student with individualized attention. The top teachers are available to assist you whether you have particular inquiries or require further support.

Qualified Personnel

The faculty of our centre is comprised of seasoned astrologers who are well-versed in the complexities of astrology.

Integrated Approach

We adhere to an approach to astrology that is holistic in nature and incorporates the knowledge of both Eastern and Western astrological traditions.


The institute offers flexible alternatives for vastu and astrology courses in Delhi to suit different schedules and learning preferences. Moreover, online astrology course is also available for those who can learn from anywhere and anytime.

Strong Community

Students at our place join a strong community of like-minded people who are passionate about astrology.


Students who successfully complete our programs are awarded certification, which raises their status as astrologers.

Guruji Gyaan's Astrological Teaching Methodologies for Courses in Delhi

We are proud of our effective teaching style that ensures learners understand everything easily. Also, confidently apply astrology topics during their professional astrology course in Delhi in order to make a bright future. The centre holds interactive sessions where participants can raise issues, engage in debates, and offer their opinions. 

Eventually, this encourages a lively learning atmosphere to gain complete knowledge of astrology. Assignments that put students’ knowledge into practice are presented. Moreover, gain analytical skills and self-assurance in astrology interpretation because of these practical techniques. 

The institution believes in the influence of practical examples to understand the concept effectively. They demonstrate how our astrology course in Delhi may be used to analyse and forecast various life situations using case studies. Likewise, guest lectures of renowned astrologers and specialists expose students to a variety of viewpoints and deepen their understanding of the subject. 

Astrology Courses in Delhi

What Will You Learn in This Astrological Course in Delhi?

Choosing the best astrological course provider is crucial for your learning experience and career. Further, we provide a comprehensive selection of astrology courses in Delhi to meet the interests and needs of its learners. Following are some of the best courses available for people looking for astrological courses:

  • Basic Astrology Course: This course explains the essential ideas of astrology, such as the zodiac signs, planets, houses, and aspects. It is perfect for beginners. Students learn how to build and understand birth charts.
  • Professional Astrology Course: This astrology course in Delhi goes deeper into predictive astrology, covering transits, progressions, and synastry, for individuals with prior understanding. Students get skilled at generating precise astrological predictions.
  • Vedic Astrology Course: Learn the deep understanding of karma and life purpose offered from the ancient science of Vedic astrology. Furthermore, the fundamentals of Vedic astrology, nakshatras, and dashes are covered in this course.
  • Astrology and Career Guidance: This course blends astrology and career counselling and is designed for people looking for career insights. Students gain the ability to assist others in making wise professional decisions.
  • Astrology and Relationships Analysis: The complex dynamics of relationships are the subject of this course. The topics of compatibility, love astrology, and methods for analyzing familial and romantic ties are studied by students.
  • Remedial Astrology Course: Learn about astrological rituals and treatments to lessen difficulties and heighten beneficial impacts in life.
  • Numerology Course: The numerology course will introduce you to the mystic world of numbers and their impact on daily life.
  • Palmistry Course: Learn the art of reading the hands of people by studying their lines, mounts, and forms.
  • Self-discovery: Astrology offers a distinctive lens through which people can examine their advantages, disadvantages, and potential. People can better grasp their inner selves as a result of it.
  • Job Guidance: Astrology can provide useful insights into appropriate job routes, assisting people in making decisions that are in line with their innate skills and qualities.
  • Compatibility in Relationships: Understanding astrological compatibility can help improve relationships by exposing potential problems and chances for growth.
  • Personal Development: Astrology promotes the personal development of people as it helps in recognizing opportunities for improvement in every facet of life and thus provides advice on how to deal with difficulties.
  • Meaning of life: Numerous people consider astrology a helpful and effective tool for figuring out the meaning and goal of their life.

Who is this Astrology Course For?

  • Astrology Enthusiasts
  • Aspiring Astrologers
  • Students of Metaphysical Sciences
  • Spiritual Seekers
  • Psychologists and Counselors
  • Personal Growth Enthusiasts
  • People Interested in Symbolism and Mythology
  • Anyone Curious About Their Life’s Path

What Are the Eligibility Criteria to Enroll in an Astrology Course?

  • No educational qualifications are required to pursue basic courses in astrology. Anyone with an interest in the subject can enroll.
  • Most introductory astrology courses cover topics like understanding birth charts, zodiacs, planets, houses, aspects etc. This builds a foundation before advancing.
  • For higher-level astrology certification programs, a 10+2 educational qualification (high school) is commonly required. Some institutes may need graduates.
  • Courses offered in astrological sciences like jyotishacharya, vastu shastra, palmistry, numerology, tarot etc require basic astrology knowledge as these are specializations.
  • There are short-term certificate courses ranging from a few months to a year as well as in-depth diploma and degree programs spanning 2-5 years of study.
  • Astrology learning is highly experiential so most courses include interactive sessions, case studies as well as theoretical study material.
    While classroom programs are still popular, many institutes now offer the flexibility of online courses for ease of access.
  • People from all backgrounds like housewives, working professionals along with students enroll in astrology courses out of interest to expand spiritual and mystical perspectives.

Course Requirements

  • No previous knowledge of astrology is required.
  • You should be able to use a PC, laptop, tablet, etc. to access the course.
  • Have access to the internet.
  • Aspirants have to attend classes when needed.
  • Be able to attend classes online and offline.
  • Be able to download and view PDF files.
  • Be able to download study material in video and MP3 files.

Contact Delhi’s Top Astrology And Vastu Shastra Occult Science Academy For A Better Career

A larger audience can access our courses because we offer online courses for astrology along with other courses. Our online platform of learning includes video lectures, webinars, and boards of discussion to provide an exceptional learning experience. Consequently, the centre is a dependable mentor and educator for admirers of astrology in a whole community where astrology is gaining more attention and respect. We make sure that our students receive a well-rounded education in our Astrology Course in Delhi from our knowledgeable faculty, extensive courses, practical learning style, and dedication to authenticity. 

We offer all the astrology courses in Delhi that are tailored to match your goals whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced practitioner looking to increase your knowledge in the field further. Indeed, join our astrology course now and we will guide you in the interesting realm of astrology because the all-stars contain the secrets and hidden nature of who you are and the path you are taking in your entire existence. Henceforth, Contact Us right away to enroll yourself in our astrological courses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Guruji Gyan: An Occult Science Acedemia offers Delhi’s top astrology course at an affordable price with the most modern and latest education pattern.

Certification in astrology, master in astrology, metascience studies of astrology, Diploma in astrology, etc. are the best astrology courses.

At the certification level, you don’t need any prior qualification. However, 10th or 12th examinations in any stream with passing marks are sufficient.

Yes, there is an astrology course in Delhi with certification available and it is crucial to take the complete certification and Accreditation to become a certified astrologer.

Absolutely astrology is a good career. You will learn palmistry, Vedic Shastra, astrology remedies, crystal healing, planet movements, bad karma solutions, and much more. In India, astrology is a renowned and successful career.

No, you can become an astrologer without a degree. However, certification is proof that you are a certified astrologer which has more value and acceptance in society.

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Astrology Course in Delhi

GuruJee Gyan provides the most trusted, qualified, and best astrology course in Delhi from beginner to advanced level with certification. Moreover, our course offers reliable astrology education to all interesting individuals who want to make a career in astrology. Gain a profound understanding of this ancient Indian science under the tutelage of expert Vedic astrologers equipped with 20+ years of experience. With flexible timings and accessible fees, begin your astrological journey now through Gurujee Gyan’s premier Astrology Courses.

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