Lal Kitab Course

The ancient Indian astrological text, Lal Kitab, has captivated scholars and seekers for generations. This unique system of divination and spiritual guidance offers a profound and nuanced understanding of the human experience. If you’ve been intrigued by the mysteries of Lal Kitab, now is the perfect time to embark on a transformative journey by enrolling in a comprehensive Lal Kitab course.

Mode of Study – Live Online Classes
Medium of Instruction –  Hindi and English
Award – Certification of completion
Fees – ₹21,000 INR + Tax & GST
Level of education – Beginner, Intermediate, & Advance

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About Lal Kitab Course

The Lal Kitab course is a comprehensive program that delves deep into the principles and practices of this ancient astrological tradition. Developed by experienced Lal Kitab practitioners, this course provides a thorough exploration of the text’s foundational concepts, interpretative techniques, and practical applications in various aspects of life.

Developed by experienced Lal Kitab practitioners, this course offers a transformative learning experience that goes beyond the surface-level understanding of the text. Through in-depth lectures, interactive discussions, and practical workshops, participants will embark on a journey to unlock the profound insights and practical applications of the Lal Kitab.

What You Will Learn in This Lal Kitab Course?

The Lal Kitab Course is a transformative journey that delves deep into the mysteries and wisdom of this ancient Indian astrological text. Designed by experienced Lal Kitab practitioners, this comprehensive program offers a multifaceted exploration of the principles, techniques, and practical applications of this captivating system. Whether you’re a beginner or an aspiring Lal Kitab expert, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to unlock the profound insights hidden within the Lal Kitab. From mastering the fundamentals of horoscope interpretation to uncovering the metaphysical realm of remedies and sorcery, this course will empower you to navigate the complexities of life with greater clarity and purpose. Let’s dive into the key areas of learning that will define your Lal Kitab journey.

  • Introduction
  • Fixed houses of planets
  • Relation of one planet with another
  • Relation of planetary zodiac
  • Understanding of Horoscope
  • Attitude
  • Soya House (Sleeping) and Soya Planet
  • Sacrifice goats
  • Planet of birthday and planet of birth
  • Artificial Planet
  • General effect on the age of planets
  • Alone planet auspicious and inauspicious effect
  • Effect of Planet
  • Time period of planets
  • Planet’s sex and time of influence
  • Debt-Father
  • Moon Horoscope
  • 35 year affair
  • Planets in the middle
  • Mahadasha – The disease kept on increasing as the medicine went on
  • Planet of Deception
  • The way to see the effect of expressions together
  • Mind they eat 42
  • Planetary horoscope and Horoscope
  • House number’s 1 to 12 related items
  • Relatives related to planets according to Bhava
  • Business related to planets
  • Sun-Thought of Twelve Emotional Fruits
  • Moon – Thought of twelve emotional fruits
  • Mars- Thought of Twelve Emotional Fruits
  • Mercury- Thought of Twelve Emotional Fruits
  • Guru – Thought of Twelve Emotional Fruits
  • Venus-Thought of Twelve Emotional Fruits
  • Shani -Thought of Twelve Emotional Fruits
  • Rahu-Thought of Twelve Emotional Fruits
  • Ketu – Thoughts of twelve emotional fruits
  • Reflections on felt question themes
  • Rules of Lal Kitab
  • Rules to see the horoscope
  • Year Result Table
  • Sun’s Year Result in Twelve Houses
  • Moon’s horoscope in twelfth house
  • Year Result of Mars in twelfth house
  • Year Result of Mercury in twelfth house
  • Jupiter’s horoscope in the twelfth house
  • Venus’s horoscope in the twelfth house
  • Saturn’s horoscope in the twelfth house
  • Year Result of Rahu in twelfth house
  • Year Result of Ketu in twelfth house
  • Introduction to sorcery
  • Time and method of tricks
  • Trick for a luxurious life
  • Quick marriage tricks
  • Diagnosis of women’s problems
  • Useful tricks for students
  • Tricks to get rid of the evil eye
  • Tricks for children’s skill
  • Tricks to get employment
  • Manufacturing of instruments for accomplishment
  • Tips to be healthy
  • Tips to get rid of debt
  • Tricks to have a child
  • Multipurpose tricks
  • Tips to protect from upper winds
  • Tips for happiness and peace at home
  • Remedies to pacify the planets
  • Vastu and Vastu Purush
  • Vastu and Elements
  • Selection of land and plots
  • Construction of ideal housing
  • Importance of direction in Vastu
  • Merits and Demerits of Vastu
  • Vastudosh prevention without demolition
  • Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra
  • Vastu defect prevention from Feng Shui
  • Vastu defects preventive things
  • Attainment of child by improvement of Vastu
  • Vastu Dosh Nivarak Totke
  • Defect Analysis
  • Vastu Shastra is a complete science
  • Home Decor
  • Naming of building
  • Astrology and Grahsukh Yog
  • Utility of Vastu in Industry
  • Vastu and Lal Kitab

Course Details And Benefits

Program Details:

  • Mode of Study: Live online classes conducted by experienced Lal Kitab practitioners
  • Duration: 6-month comprehensive Lal Kitab course
  • Payment Options: Flexible payment plans available, including monthly installments
  • Access: Lifetime access to course recordings, videos, and comprehensive study materials

Key Features:

  • Lifetime Course Access: Learners can revisit the course content and recordings as needed
  • One-Time Free Repeat: Participants can repeat the entire course at no extra cost
  • Specialized Tools: Exclusive Lal Kitab charts, mantras, yantras, PDFs, books, and specialized software

Language and Certification:

  • Course Languages: Available in both Hindi and English formats
  • Certification: Become a certified Lal Kitab astrologer, consultant, and content creator upon successful completion

What Are The Eligibility Criteria for the Lal Kitab Course?

The Lal Kitab course is open to individuals from all backgrounds who have a genuine interest in exploring this ancient astrological system. No prior experience in astrology or Lal Kitab is required, as the course covers the fundamentals and progresses to more advanced concepts.

What Career Options Are Available After Completing This Course?

Upon completing the Lal Kitab course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to pursue a variety of career paths, including:

  • Professional Lal Kitab astrologer and consultant
  • Lal Kitab-based life coach and spiritual guide
  • Researcher and writer specializing in Lal Kitab
  • Educator and trainer in the field of Lal Kitab

Regardless of your background or aspirations, the Lal Kitab course offers a transformative learning experience that can enrich your understanding of yourself and the world around you. Embark on this journey of self-discovery and unlock the profound insights of this captivating astrological tradition.

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