Family Constellation Course

Become a Family Constellation therapist and solve the unresolved issues or traumas from past generations that affect the present. The Family Constellation Course delves into understanding the dynamics within families and how they impact individuals’ lives. Our course combines theoretical knowledge with experiential exercises and practical tools to facilitate personal growth, emotional healing, and systemic transformation within families.

Mode of Study – Live Online Classes
Medium of Instruction –  Hindi and English
Award – Certification of completion
Fees – ₹21,000 INR + Tax & GST
Level of education – Beginner to Advanced level

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About Family Constellation Course

Family Constellation Course is a course and training program that teaches about the interconnectedness of family members across generations and the hidden dynamics that influence behavior, relationships, and well-being. It offers insights into unresolved issues, traumas, and patterns that may be passed down through generations and affect one’s personal and professional life. Moreover, learn techniques to identify and address these underlying dynamics, heal past wounds, and create healthier family systems.

About Family Constellation Training

Family Constellation Training is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and techniques needed to facilitate family constellation sessions effectively. This Family Constellation Course Training teaches you the principles and methodology of family constellations, a therapeutic approach that uncovers hidden dynamics within families and ancestral systems. Participants learn how to set up and facilitate constellation workshops, guide clients through constellation processes, and interpret systemic dynamics revealed during sessions. Moreover, our training covers theoretical concepts, practical exercises, and supervised practice sessions to deepen participants’ understanding and proficiency in conducting constellations.

What You Will Learn in This Course?

The Family Constellation Course delves into the profound dynamics of family systems and offers transformative insights into healing intergenerational wounds. Through experiential learning and practical techniques, participants explore the intricate connections within family lineages and learn to facilitate constellation sessions to address unresolved issues. This course is designed for therapists, counselors, coaches, and individuals interested in systemic therapy approaches for personal and professional growth.

  • Understanding the Three Basic Dynamics of Systemic Knots
  • Exploring the Various Types of Emotions at Work in Family Constellations
  • Forms of Resolution: Techniques for Addressing Systemic Issues
  • Addressing Interrupted Outreach and Its Impact on Family Dynamics
  • Identifying Who Belongs to the Family System and Their Roles
  • Phenomenological Aspects of Family Constellations: Observations and Interpretations
  • Exploring Possibilities and Limitations of Constellation Work
  • Incorporating Personal Issues: Participants Bring Their Own Challenges to the Process
  • Distinguishing Between Facts and “Stories” in Interviewing Participants
  • Understanding Primary and Secondary Emotions in Family Dynamics
  • Choosing Between Setting Up Family of Origin and Present Family Constellations
  • Cultural Views and Practices Influencing Systemic Work
  • Types of Ancestors and Their Influence on Family Constellations
  • Near-Death Experiences and Their Connection to Ancestral Healing
  • Facilitating Communication with Ancestors in Constellation Sessions
  • Exploring the Energy DNA and Its Relationship to Ancestral Patterns
  • The Core Language Approach: Understanding the Language of Systemic Dynamics
  • Uncovering the Family Mind: Collective Consciousness in Constellation Work
  • Utilizing Core Sentences for Resolving Systemic Issues
  • Addressing Separation Dynamics Through Core Language Techniques
  • Navigating Relationship Dynamics Through Core Language Practices
  • Understanding the Impact of Core Traumas on Family Systems
  • Harnessing the Core Language of Success for Personal Growth
  • Revealing Entanglements and Resolving Interpersonal Conflicts
  • Implementing Specific “Systemic” Core Sentences for Healing
  • Exploring Orders of Love and Their Role in Family Dynamics
  • Understanding Levels of Conscience in Systemic Healing
  • Demonstrating Constellations Through Live Demo Sessions

The Family Constellation course provides a comprehensive understanding of systemic therapy principles and equips participants with the skills and knowledge to facilitate constellation sessions effectively and ethically.

Course Details And Benefits

  • Mode of Study: Live online classes with experienced Family Constellation educator.
  • Duration of the Courses: 6-months course.
  • Payment Options: Flexible payment plans are available. Also, fees can be paid in monthly installments. 
  • Access: Lifetime Access to Recordings, videos, and course notes.
  • One-Time Free Repeat of the Course: Learners can repeat the course on time at no extra cost.
  • Experiential Learning: Engage in guided Family Constellation sessions and practice-based workshops
  • Language: Course is available in both Hindi and English language and format. 
  • Certificate: This is Family Constellation course and training program with certificate. Become a certified Family Constellation therapist, trainer, and practitioner upon successful completion

What Career Options Are Available After Completing This Course?

After completing the Family Constellation Course, individuals can pursue various career paths in the field of holistic healing and personal development. Some potential career options include:

  • Family Constellation Therapist
  • Family Constellation Trainer
  • Holistic Therapist
  • Life Coach
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Wellness Center Practitioner
  • Family Constellation Educator and Trainer
  • Author or Speaker
  • Alternative Healing Practitioner
  • Family Relationship Consultant

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