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How To Become A Vastu Consultant?

Want to become a Vastu Consultant but don’t know how to start? Well, if yes then you’re at the right place. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science related to architecture. It attains various rules and principles that aware us of designing harmonious living and working spaces in the right manner.

Vastu Consultant is an expert of vastu kala. Vastu Consultant helps his clients align their homes, offices, and other places with natural energies. 

Vastu believes that these natural energies have a positive or negative impact on human life. Becoming a vastu consultant you’ll have to guide your clients to gain positive impact from natural energies following some basic practices. 

In this discussion, we’ll let you know everything about Vastu and how you can become a Vastu Consultant (certified).

What is Vastu?

Vastu is an ancient Indian science of design and architecture. Vastu which is also called “Vastu Shastra” refers to knowledge of dwelling. This shastra kala is rooted in Vedic traditions. 

It has various measurements, space arrangements, geometry, ground preparation and other practices that have a positive impact on human life naturally.

Vastu Shastra recognized Five elements which are called “Pancha Bhoota”. The complete learning of Vastu is based on the concepts of these Pancha Bhoots like Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. Vastu Shastra believes that if a person creates balance among the impacts of these five elements in life then he/she will gain prosperity in life. 

Along with this, learning of directional alignments, spatial arrangements, and geometry and their impact on human life makes it a necessary skill to learn. 

Benefits And Modern Application Of Vastu

Vastu Principles are life-changing for everyone. These principles will attract the natural energies to enhance well-being and prosperity in life.

  • If you’ve prior knowledge of Vastu Shastra and use its principles in life then you’ll enjoy superb health benefits. This is because, after the orientation of natural energies in your rooms, your body will react in a positive manner and improve physical and mental health. 
  • The involvement of positive energies in life will also ensure prosperity and attract wealth and success. 
  • It is also seen that people who have vastu knowledge maintain ideal family dynamics and social interactions in life. 
  • It also impacts spiritual growth and enhances your personal growth by promoting inner calmness. 
  • It can also be a great career option where you can become a Vastu Consultant and serve people to make their lives better against a decent service charge. 

Vastu is an ancient science that delivers its knowledge from generation to generation. In modern times, people found this ancient science relevant. 

Corporations hire vastu consultants while constructing any architecture. These consultants help society to live in an aesthetically pleasing and energized society. 

Its large future needs and scope make it a relevant skill to acquire and establish a reputed career in Vastu Shastra.

Who Should Become A Vastu Consultant?

After learning about Vastu Shastra and its future scope, a question arises “Who should become a vastu consultant”? 

Well, anyone who is interested in becoming a Vastu Consultant should go for Vastu Learning. But, if you belong to one of the categories mentioned below, then there is a huge scope for you in Vastu Shastra.

  • If you’re interested in traditional science and maintain a passion for vastu shastra then you should go for becoming a vastu consultant. 
  • If you have a dedicated background in related fields like you’re working in interior designing, civil engineering, Astrology, holistic practices and other related fields then Vastu knowledge will add an extra spark in your profession. 
  • If you have an analytical personality and/or have acquired decent problem-solving skills then becoming a Vastu Consultant is a great career option for you. 
  • People who have good communication skills and want to bring change in others’ lives should become Vastu consultants and help the society to live in a harmonized society.

Other than this, if you’re interested to know about Vastu and its application then you can join the Vastu course and become a certified Vastu consultant. 

How To Become A Certified Vastu Consultant? 

Becoming a Vastu Consultant involves deep knowledge and practice of the learnings of Vastu Shastra. Gaining practical experience from a certified institution is crucial to becoming a vastu consultant. 

  • Firstly, you need to understand the basics of Vastu Shastra. Basic learning of Vastu and its concepts gives you inner clarity about your vision. You can gain that knowledge from the internet, books, articles and from other sources. 
  • Once you’re prepared for learning Vastu Shatra, you need to join a dedicated and certified Vastu Shastra Course. The Vastu Shastra course will help you to learn the principles and applications of Vastu kala in real life. Join the course and complete your learning. 
  • Complete your learnings at different levels and master the skills of Vastu Shastra. 
  • Your next step is to gain practical experience by performing the principles of Vastu in real life. 
  • Once you complete the course, you’ll get a dedicated certificate from the platform you choose to pursue your course. 

After getting a certificate from the Vastu Shastra course, you’ll be able to start practising the skills of others and charge them for this. 

If you’re searching for a Vastu Shastra course, GuruJiGyan Vastu Course is the best option available over the internet. This course is designed to provide detailed knowledge of Vastu Shastra to students from certified Vastu consultants. It is designed to develop the skills of a vastu consultant from a normal individual. 

How Much Does A Vastu Consultant Charge? 

Determining the exact charges of a vastu consultant is not possible. There are so many vastu consultants available online. All of them charge as per their experience and expertise to their clients. 

It is seen that Vastu consultants charge around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 for their assistance to their clients. The amount can get even more depending upon the skills, reputation, and expertise of Vastu Consultants. 

Difference Between A Vastu Consultant And An Astrologer 

Differentiation between the Vastu consultant and astrologers can be easily defined in their work proceedings. We can easily identify the difference between them. They both are different and attain different ideologies, skills and learnings. The below table will help you to understand the difference between a vastu consultant and an astrologer. 

Vastu Consultant Astrologer 
The primary focus of Vastu consultants is to bring change in human life by changing the physical environment and attracting natural energies. The primary focus of Astrologers is to define personality traits, and destiny based on their birth chart. It is basically a technique that defines the horoscope of an individual. 
Vastu Consultant defines the orientation, and structure of the building and shares recommendations on the placement of rooms, and architectural elements. Astrologers interpret the movements of planets and their impact on human life. Astrologers mainly provide predictions and insights and use various systems to predict events. 
It focuses on improving the physical and energetic aspects and works in residential and public buildings. Astrology provides personal and spiritual guidance and helps individuals to understand their life paths and opportunities. 
Vastu Consultant works to enhance well-being, and prosperity and maintains ideal family dynamics in life. Astrologers are hired to provide insights into future events, decision-making, and guidance regarding personal growth.  

These are the core differences between Vastu consultants and Astrologers. Yes, it is true that they both work to provide inner peace in human life but their areas of providing services are different. If you want to become an astrologer then you should complete the astrology course from academies like GuruJee Gyan. 

Final Words 
Vastu consultant is one of the most demanding career designations, especially in upcoming times. If you’re interested in becoming a successor of this ancient science then you can join the GuruJee Gyan vastu course and learn the principles and techniques of Vastu from well-certified vastu experts. Come join and become a certified Vastu consultant and earn money.

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