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How To Learn Tarot Card Reading Online?

Do you ever question why things are happening the way they are? Have you ever tried to understand them on your own?

Well, the mysterious nature of the universe attracts us to find answers and meanings beyond the surface, making us seek and look within ourselves. Our human nature to seek meanings and explanations for what we are facing has brought us to the art of tarot reading.  

As we navigate the complexities of life, tarot cards offer a unique lens through which to gain insights and clarity. If you are drawn by the mystical world and want to learn how to read tarot cards online, this blog is for you. 

In this blog, we will learn all about tarot cards and how you can learn tarot card reading online from GuruJee Gyan to help you understand why things are happening the way they are. 

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What is Tarot?

Trauma-focused therapist Aida Mandulay describes the Tarot as: “Tarot is a deck of cards with culturally derived meanings that you can use for spirituality, art, and storytelling reasons.”

In simple terms, it is the documentary of the fool’s journey from the beginning to the end. Remember, it is a record of everything happening in everyone’s lives, every cycle that you went through or believe will occur from the start to the finish.  

Talking about understanding what is happening and what is about to happen in your life. Tarot is a documentary of your life. Here, you are the fool; it is recording your whole life journey. 

Tarot and Energy 

Did you know that Tarot has the ability to pick up on what you are facing or going through in your life?

Yes! It can pick up the frequency you are in at the moment. It is picking up what you are going through in life because of the energy. When you talk to someone you meet for the first time, you feel an energy from that person. 

Likewise, you go to a reader, and they ask you to pick a card, and you do, and the reason why those cards come out for you is because of the energy you are in at that moment. That is the reason why you are drawn to certain cards and why it is telling you what you are currently going through. 

Structure of Tarot Cards 

First, you need to understand the structure of the tarot card to help understand what is happening in your life, giving you insights. However, the first step is to understand the structure of the cards. The traditional deck consists of 78 cards, and it is divided into two main groups:

1. The Major Arcana 

It consists of 22 cards depicting significant life themes and archetypal journeys. Each card, like The Fool or The World, carries a symbolic image and a rich layer of meaning, representing the major milestones, turning points, and challenges you encounter.

2. The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana has 56 cards, which gives you a deeper understanding of your everyday experiences. Each of these cards is divided into four suits, mirroring those found in a standard playing card deck: 

Wands (associated with action and inspiration), Cups (representing emotions and relationships), Swords (relating to intellect and challenges), and Pentacles (focusing on the material world and stability). Within each suit, you’ll find numbered cards (Aces through 10) depicting increasingly complex situations and four court cards (Page, Knight, Queen, and King) representing different stages of development within that suit’s core energy.

Do you want to learn tarot card reading online from the comfort of your home?

At GuruJee Gyan, we provide an online tarot card course where you can learn how to interpret it with our certified and experienced instructor’s guidance. 

Steps to Learn Tarot Card Reading Online 

Here are some 5 easy tips for you to learn tarot card reading online:

1. Research and Read Blogs 

You can learn how to read tarot cards online by researching and reading blogs and related articles to gain insights and understanding about the cards. Read what expert tarot enthusiasts share their knowledge, interpretation, and techniques to enhance your understanding of how tarot works.

2. Watch YouTube Videos

Another tip to master tarot cards is to watch YouTube videos. There are lots of videos available on YouTube to help you understand and grasp what each card symbolises. What you can do is watch tutorials, demonstrations, and discussions about tarot cards.

3. Find E-books Free and Paid Versions

Learn how to read tarot cards online by accessing the vast number of e-books that cater to various levels of expertise in tarot cards. Also, go for both free and paid options that offer comprehensive guides, interpretations, and exercises to deepen your knowledge and practice.

4. Use Internet Resources

There are several ways where you can learn how to read tarot cards and one such way is by using online resources such as websites, articles, and online courses dedicated to tarot card reading. The Internet provides various information regarding how to read tarot cards as a beginner to advanced techniques, supporting your journey in understanding the world of mystics.

5. Attend Online Courses 

Finding the right institute can be challenging with various institutes offering courses on how to read tarot cards online. 

One such platform that allows you to gain insights into tarot cards is GuruJee Gyan: An Occult Sciences Academia. We provide an excellent online platform offering if you are seeking a guided approach on how to learn Tarot card reading online.

Backed by a team of well-certified and experienced tarot masters who deeply understand the cards ensures you receive high-quality tarot card reading learning, empowering you to confidently interpret the cards and deliver insightful readings for your clients.

Our institute offers various courses from the fundamentals to the advanced, and advanced+ courses to the past life & Akashic Records course.  

Enrol today and learn tarot card reading online to provide insights and understanding for your clients.

Choosing Your Deck: Finding the Perfect Deck 

There are many tarot decks out there, so find the deck you feel resonates the most!  

As you learn Tarot card reading online, it allows you to look for the artwork that speaks to you and sparks your intuition. While hunting for your perfect deck of tarot cards, see it as a personal adventure, allowing yourself to be drawn to your creative self.

Finding the card that resonates with you is one thing, and caring for it is another. So, create a ritual of cleansing and charging your deck to foster a strong connection with the cards.

What experts say about tarot reading?

Cindi Sansone-Braff, a New York-based author and tarot reader, says, “Sometimes when people are anxious and depressed, it’s a sign that their soul needs nurturing, and Tarot connects deeply with the soul. It’s a perfect vortex for opening the subconscious and collective unconscious minds… and figuring out what’s happening below the surface.”

USA’s tarot scholars says, “People have been using Tarot Cards for divination, guidance, and directions for centuries. I have read for clients for the strangest of reasons with success. I can confidently say that you or anyone else should take a Tarot session for hundreds of reasons. A reading can provide so much clarity that no surprises are ahead.”

How to learn tarot card reading online effectively?

To effectively learn Tarot carding online, start with the basics and then gradually progress to the advanced levels through tarot carding courses online. Moreover, ensure you practise regularly and seek guidance from experienced practitioners to gain the knowledge and insights you need to interpret. 

What are some essential ways for tarot card learning?

You can start by learning what a tarot card is and aligning it with your life journey. Also, familiarise yourself with the meaning of each card and what it symbolises. While reading the cards, ensure you are in the presence of Kee, open your mind, and know that life is all about constant learning and discovery. 

Can I become a proficient tarot card reader online through a tarot card course?

Yes! GuruJee Gyan provides a platform for individuals like you who want to understand what is happening around them through the use of tarot cards. Learn tarot card reading course online through our skilled and certified teachers at GuruJee Gyan.


To conclude, learn tarot card reading online at GuruJee Gyan where you can easily gain access to this ancient practice under certified teachers. You can leverage various resources and courses online customised to your needs to help you deepen your understanding of tarot symbolism, interpretations, and intuition. 

So, get enrolled in an online tarot card course at GuruJee Gyan to learn ancient knowledge from qualified and experienced teachers.

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