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How to Learn Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology is also known as Jyotish Shastra in the common language of Indians. It is an ancient astrological tradition that has been used for thousands of years. It is based on the belief that a birth chart of a person, which includes the placements of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars, can provide important information about their past, present, and future. 

The zodiac is divided into 12 signs in vedic astrology, each of which is ruled by a different planet and has corresponding qualities. These signs are further subdivided into 27 or 28 lunar mansions, called nakshatras, which offer more specific details about the life events and personality of a person. 

It aims to comprehend and interpret the planetary positions and movements at the time of birth that affect many faces of life, such as personality traits, relationships, careers, health, and more. 

Astrologers make forecasts and advise those looking for clarity or direction in their lives using a variety of instruments and methods, such as birth charts (also called Kundali), planetary alignments, and cycles of planetary periods.

Different methods of learning vedic astrology

It requires a complete commitment, perseverance, and a sincere interest in to learn Vedic astrology. We can start learning in the field of vedic astrology in the following ways-


A lot of novices begin when we start reading books and using internet resources that provide them with a rudimentary understanding of Vedic astrological concepts, like the meaning of planets, signs, houses, and aspects. Self-study helps learners understand certain areas of interest and learn at their own speed.

Formal education

Vedic astrology courses and certificates are offered at certain institutes and colleges. These courses offer a thorough knowledge of numerous astrological topics, like reading charts, making predictions, corrective actions, and many more. A more thorough understanding and methodical approach to studying Vedic astrology can be obtained through formal schooling.


Some aspirant astrologers want to learn from seasoned professionals through mentorship or apprenticeship programs. Students can learn through doing, observing real-world consultations, and receiving help from expert professionals with this practical approach.

Workshops and seminars

Learning from well-known astrologers through workshops, seminars, and conferences can be a rewarding experience. these seminars cover advanced subjects, case studies, and useful insights that improve our understanding of Vedic astrology.

There are many resources to learn vedic astrology

A vast amount of information is accessible in the following sources to anyone who wishes to learn vedic astrology:

  • Books: there are many books written by great authors; hence it can benefit both newcomers and experienced practitioners of Vedic astrology. These are excellent resources for independent study and reference since they cover all the subjects as fundamental ideas to specific methods.
  • Online courses: Several websites provide webinars, tutorials, and courses on Vedic astrology, enabling students to receive high-quality knowledge from any location in the globe. Interactive assignments, discussion boards, and video lectures are frequently involved in these courses to help students learn and work together.
  • Software and apps: Numerous astrological software packages and mobile applications are accessible that assist in creating birth charts, evaluating planetary positions, and carrying out forecast computations. Both students and professional astrologers find these resources to be largely helpful.
  • Online communities and forums: Participating in Vedic astrology-focused social media groups, discussion forums, and online forums can offer chances for education, networking, and knowledge sharing with like-minded people.
  • Consultations: Consulting with qualified astrologers in-person or virtually can provide insightful advice and useful tips to supplement academic study in vedic astrology courses.

How to learn vedic astrology in offline mode?

There are numerous offline mode options available if you have restricted access to internet materials or you prefer conventional teaching methods:

  • Local workshops and classes: Interested people of vedic astrology can learn and practice vedic astrology courses together in many communities through local study groups or astrological clubs.
  • Libraries and bookstores: perusing astrology books, publications, and journals at libraries or bookstores can be a veritable gold mine of information for offline learners.
  • Seminars and conferences: Keeping a watch out for local astrological seminars, conferences, and retreats can provide chances to hear from professionals and connect with other practitioners in person.
  • Individualized mentoring: finding the best astrologer or mentor who provides one-on-one advice and coaching can be quite helpful for offline learners looking for specialized education and support.

How to learn vedic astrology in online mode?

Individuals having hectic schedules or restricted access to conventional education materials can benefit from the flexibility and convenience of online learning methods. Here are the following ways to learn vedic astrology online-

  • Webinars and online courses: Participate in webinars or organized Vedic astrology online courses provided by reliable platforms and lecturers like GuruJee Gyan.
  • YouTube channels and podcasts: Get insights, tutorials, and conversations on a range of Vedic astrological courses from seasoned astrologers through their subscription channels and podcasts.
  • E-books and digital resources: Access e-books, articles, and digital resources on astrology websites, forums, and online libraries for self-study and reference.
  • Social media and online communities: Join astrology groups, forums, and social media communities to participate in vedic astrology-related discussions, exchange of knowledge, and exchange of questions.
  • Live consultations and Q&A sessions: Participate in live consultations, Q&A sessions, and virtual seminars led by professional astrologers to get useful knowledge and hands-on experience.

Various qualifications in the vedic astrology course

Proficiency and expertise in vedic astrology are based on academic credentials as well as on real-world experiences, intuitions, and a commitment to the study and practice of astrology. People can pursue a variety of certifications and qualification levels to improve their reputation and competence in the field-

Basic certification

Students usually receive a basic certification that attests to a basic grasp of Vedic astrology concepts and methods upon completion of beginner-level courses.

Advanced certification

Comprehensive knowledge and expertise in advanced forecasting methods, corrective actions, and specific Vedic astrological branches, including financial, relationship, and medical astrology, are offered through advanced courses and specialized training programs.

Professional accreditation

Several astrological groups and organizations offer professional accreditation or certification programs for practising astrologers who satisfy particular requirements and standards of competence and ethics.

Continuing education

Astrologers must engage in ongoing professional growth and learning to stay current with new methods, findings, and best practices in Vedic astrology. 

Who to contact to enroll in a course on vedic astrology?

It is important to consider various aspects, including the style of instruction, area of specialization, and particular astrological methodology of the teacher, while deciding where and with whom to learn Vedic astrology course. 

A good foundation can be laid if you study under reputable and well-known astrologers who have a track record of making accurate forecasts and a stable reputation in the astrology online vastu course. Enrolling in classes at respectable colleges or astrological institutes guarantees a thorough and organized education, frequently with a well-created curriculum of professional astrologers. 

Vedic astrology courses can be more individualized and guided if you find a personal mentor or teacher who can fully understand your aims and learning style.

Difference between vedic astrology and Conventional Astrology

There are many major differences between vedic astrology and conventional astrology, even though both include the study of celestial bodies and their effects on human lives. Vedic astrology incorporates ideas from Hinduism and the Vedas and has its roots in the philosophical and spiritual traditions of ancient India. 

Conversely, western astrology incorporates a range of intellectual and cultural elements. The sidereal zodiac, which considers the actual positions of stars in the sky is used in vedic astrology. The tropical zodiac, which is based on the position of the Sun in relation to the orbit of Earth is widely used in western astrology. 

Vedic astrology employs different procedures and tactics from Western astrology, such as the usage of dashes and particular nakshatras. Vedic astrology frequently involves more intricate computations and in-depth planetary position research. 

Vedic astrology heavily emphasizes predictive methods including dashas systems, transits, and yoga to predict future events and trends. While Western astrology may have some predictive aspects. It frequently concentrates more on personality analysis and psychological insights.

Is it possible to make a good career in vedic astrology?

There are good careers in vedic astrology if we are committed, informed, and moral in our learning. Interest persons can pursue a career in vedic astrology in the following fields:

  • Consultations: For practising astrologers, providing one-on-one consultations to those looking for direction on a range of life issues, including relationships, careers, health, and more, can be their main source of income.
  • Teaching and training: Educating others through giving lectures, holding workshops, and providing training courses can be a rewarding way to support the astrological community while making a living.
  • Writing and publishing: Producing books, articles, or online content about Vedic astrology can help one become recognized as an authority in the field and reach a larger audience.
  • Astrology software development: Another option for individuals with technical expertise and a thorough understanding of Vedic astrology is to design or contribute to the development of astrology software and applications.
  • Media and public speaking: Astrologers might look into ways to communicate their astrological insights and become more visible in the media, such as podcasts, radio, and television.
  • Astrological research: Astrologers can establish a reputation as authorities in particular branches of Vedic astrology by doing research and making contributions to the subject through publications and conference talks.

What can we become after learning vedic astrology?

People can choose from a variety of positions and career choices after studying vedic astrology depending on their interests and strong points:

  • Professional astrologers: they provide advice, forecasts, and consultations to people looking for life insights.
  • Astrology educators: These educators offer workshops, online classes, or formal education programs to teach Vedic astrology.
  • Author and blogger: Authors and bloggers compose books, and essays, or start a blog to impart insights and knowledge about astrology.
  • Media personality: They develop a regular writing schedule or make media appearances as an astrologer.
  • Developer of astrology software: These people focus on participating in the creation of applications and software related to astrology.


Studying Vedic astrology is an enriching and enduring experience that provides the chance to delve into the secrets of the universe and acquire an important understanding of human nature to the people. Commitment, lifelong learning, and moral behaviour are essential to learning vedic astrology whether one chooses to pursue it as a hobby or as a possible career route. 

Aspiring astrologers can have all the resources and information they need to begin a meaningful learning of vedic astrology due to the abundance of materials available today. So, start your journey now and make a good career in vedic astrology to help people and the whole society.

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